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Federal database would hold students' personal information

Say you've just enrolled in college. Would you want your name and Social Security number put into a national student database in Washington?

>> FDA Studies Show Aspartame Link to Brain Tumors

>> Closest kin prevented from visiting 'grandma'

>> Iraqis Increase Calls for U.S. to Leave

>> Bomb kills Iraqi guards near Kirkuk

>> Italian Journalist: U.S. Lied

>> Thousands flee in panic as Indonesian volcano spews into life

>> Subscribe to Prison and Support Our Fight Against The NWO

>> Why the National Guard Bought the Rights to RFK Stadium in Washington

Reporters Like Cattle


>> Taser Death Ruled a Homicide

>> Patriotic opposition to the Patriot Act

>> Secret Service visits art show at Columbia

>> Videos Challenge Accounts of Convention Unrest

>> Colombian Artist Depicts Abu Ghraib Abuse

>> Sharon Asks U.S. to Pressure Iran to Give Up Its Nuclear Program

>> Russian Defense Minister Criticizes U.S. Initiative to Put Weapons in Space

>> Russia Develops Drone Aircraft for Multiple Launch Missile System

>> Taiwan To Mass Produce Supersonic Anti-Ship Missiles: Report


>> German Court Backs GPS Surveillance

>> UK to use passports to build national fingerprint database

>> Ridge Says RFID Boosts Security

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French may have to buy compulsory biometric ID cards

French citizens will have to pay for new identity cards that hold their biometric information in electronic format -- and carrying the cards will become compulsory, if the minister of the interior gets his way.

The Time to Oppose the Draft is Now

The United States Armed Services have announced a new plan to solve their recruiting problems--convincing parents to get their children to enlist. At the same time, parents are organizing to ensure the military draft does not return. The battle lines for the bodies of America's youth are beginning to take shape.

Bush raises them on the ranch.

>> Out Of Control

>> Knuckles

>> The Daily Show: W.M. Duh

Israel presents aerial photos of Iran nuclear sites to Bush

Ariel Sharon’s military attache presented aerial photos of Iranian nuclear installations during the Israeli prime minister’s summit with US President George W. Bush, Israeli public radio reported on Tuesday.

Deadly Flu Virus Mistakenly Sent to Thousands of Labs

Whoops, isn't it a shame that we're going to have to accept men in black ski masks sticking needles in our arms at gunpoint now that this 'mistake' was made?
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