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Secret Service visits art show at Columbia

Organizers of a politically charged art exhibit at Columbia College's Glass Curtain Gallery thought their show might draw controversy. But they didn't expect two U.S. Secret Service agents would be among the show's first visitors.

>> Pentagon questions $212 million in deals

>> Pentagon to Use Lasers to Warn Pilots

>> Papers illustrate Negroponte’s Contra role

>> New Proposal Would Make ISP's Retain Data, Limit Bandwidth

>> Flight 587 Eyewitness Contradicts Official Explanation

>> 304 U.S. soldiers ordered killed by Pentagon in Iraq

>> Ex-Reagan CIA Head: Source Of Fake Niger Document Is Michael Ledeen

>> Shriver wants Schwarzenegger 'back home'

>> U.S. Contractor Kidnapped in Iraq

>> Cops Tackle Suspicious Man at U.S. Capitol

>> Protesters throw eggs at Blair

>> Patriotism Does Not Mean Love Of Big Government Or Support For A President

>> New video images of 9/11 aircraft said coming soon

Reporters Like Cattle


>> Videos Challenge Accounts of Convention Unrest

>> Colombian Artist Depicts Abu Ghraib Abuse

>> One man's fight to be left alone

>> Police raid wrong home

>> US accused of seizing Iraqi women to force fugitive relatives to give up

>> Fans charged after Pope jeering

>> High School To Pay Student Informants For Tips On Campus Crime

>> Iraq war firm asks for bar on protests

>> Russia, U.S. Launch Joint Missile Defence Wargames

>> Poland to Pull Troops from Iraq at End of Year

>> U.S. Has No Exit Strategy for Iraq, Rumsfeld Says

>> China premier hits back at Japan

>> US-Israeli Relations At Lowest Point In Years

>> Iraq president endorses US troop presence

>> Hezbollah drone flies over northern Israel


>> 'No decision' on passport prints

>> Just trust Big Brother....and all will be well

>> In the New Game of Tag, All of Us Are It

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Ridge Says RFID Boosts Security

Tom Ridge, the first secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, this week told the manufacturers and users of radio-frequency identification technologies that their work will protect Americans from terrorism.

Respected Scientist Says Peak Oil Is A Scam

Peak oil is a scam to create artificial scarcity and drive prices up. Meanwhile, alternative fuel technologies which have been around for decades are intentionally suppressed.

Bush raises them on the ranch.

>> Out Of Control

>> Knuckles

>> The Daily Show: W.M. Duh

Sharon: Israel on Eve of 'Civil War'

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suggested the Jewish state is in crisis and appears to be on the "eve of a civil war" as his goverment moves to remove 8,000 Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip.

US trade deficit hits fresh high

The US trade deficit has widened to a new high as the world's largest economy consumed record imports of consumer goods and industrial materials.
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