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One man's fight to be left alone

KEY QUOTE: What bothers him most, he said, is that the idea of asking for ID isn't to check your identity but to check your obedience to pointless authority.

>> 304 U.S. soldiers ordered killed by Pentagon in Iraq

>> Ex-Reagan CIA Head: Source Of Fake Niger Document Is Michael Ledeen

>> Shriver wants Schwarzenegger 'back home'

>> U.S. Contractor Kidnapped in Iraq

>> Cops Tackle Suspicious Man at U.S. Capitol

>> Protesters throw eggs at Blair

>> Feeding tube grandmother back on nourishment

>> Suicide blasts hit US Iraq base

>> Fans at soccer game in Scotland jeer pope

>> Former FSB General, Wife Shot Dead in Moscow

>> Video Shows Object in Sky Behind St. Peter's

>> Patriotism Does Not Mean Love Of Big Government Or Support For A President

>> New video images of 9/11 aircraft said coming soon

>> The Hypocrisy Of David Horowitz


Out Of Control


>> Police raid wrong home

>> US accused of seizing Iraqi women to force fugitive relatives to give up

>> Fans charged after Pope jeering

>> High School To Pay Student Informants For Tips On Campus Crime

>> Iraq war firm asks for bar on protests

>> Record Number Iraqis Jailed Without Charge

>> Scientist calls for world DNA database

>> Iraq president endorses US troop presence

>> Hezbollah drone flies over northern Israel

>> Pentagon sees possible troop reduction in Iraq by 2006: report

>> Japanese embassy in Beijing is stoned


>> In the New Game of Tag, All of Us Are It

>> Is a law needed to ban microchip implants in humans?

>> RFID In Passports Panned

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Just trust Big Brother....and all will be well

Only by writing a remarkably content free column about renewal of the Patriot Act was my friend Doug MasEachern able to avoid the fatal logical flaw of those who insist that the act must be renewed in its current form, no exceptions.

Respected Scientist Says Peak Oil Is A Scam

Peak oil is a scam to create artificial scarcity and drive prices up. Meanwhile, alternative fuel technologies which have been around for decades are intentionally suppressed.

Extinguishing liberty.

>> Knuckles

>> The Daily Show: W.M. Duh

>> New World Order

US-Israeli Relations At Lowest Point In Years

President George Bush hosts Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as U.S.-Israeli relations have dropped to their lowest point in years.

Flight 587 Eyewitness Contradicts Official Explanation

Lynch states that parts only dropped off the plane AFTER a small explosion and that the plane was engulfed by flames no more than two seconds after the first explosion.
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