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U.S. Seeks Access to Bank Records to Deter Terror

We need your bank details to deter terror, we need to conduct secret searches of your home to deter terror, we need to see what you are checking out at the library in order to deter terror, we need to class any crime as terror in order to deter terror....and on and on and on.

>> Rudolph Giuliani Got Warning WTC Towers Were Going To Collapse

>> Trainee at 9/11-linked air school held in UK

>> DARPA developing electromagnetic collars for humans

>> PHOTOS: Massive "End the Occupation" Protest in Baghdad Dwarfs the "Saddam Toppled" rally, yet the media is more concerned with Michael Jackson

>> Le Pen calls for EU constitution rejection (Therefore anyone who agrees is a bordeline fascist)

>> Elites Unite in Handshakes at Pope's Funeral

>> Outrage in Russia as Spassky puts name to rabidly anti-Semitic petition

>> Lawmakers seek accounting of push for Social Security

>> IAEA Chief Says Al Qaeda Sought Nuclear Weapon (So when a city is nuked we know who to blame)

>> Mind Control and the American media

>> Oklahoma City -- A Decade Later




>> Deputy resigns in Taser incident

>> Five reasons why conservatives should fight the Patriot Act

>> Patriot Act: Facts emerge from the shadows

>> Air Security Agency Faces Reduced Role

>> Can Patriot Act Be Modified? Gonzalez Says Maybe

>> Patriot Act cited in clandestine search

>> Suspect's Death Evokes Hussein Era

>> America now functioning as 'krytocracy'

>> U.S. Military Drafts New Detainee Operations Rules

>> Japan protection call over protests

>> Iran's Khatami Denies Handshake with Israeli Leader

>> 'Get used to' atomic Iran


>> Big Brother 'Chipping' Us Good

>> Proposed passport ID chips draw fire

>> Essays marked by computer program

>> Lawmaker doesn't want chip in your shoulder

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Is a law needed to ban microchip implants in humans?

State Rep. Marlin Schneider doesn't want government getting under your skin. The Wisconsin Rapids Democrat is introducing a bill that would prohibit anyone, including the government and employers, from requiring microchip implants in people.

Torture Air, Incorporated

The CIA is concealing an operation launched after the attacks of September 11, 2001 to kidnap suspected terrorists and transport them to foreign governments where they could be interrogated using methods outlawed in the United States ­ that is, tortured and sometimes killed.

Putting the error in the war on terror.

>> The Daily Show: W.M. Duh

>> New World Order


Chinese PM seeks Indian tech cooperation

China and India should work together to dominate the world's tech industry, bringing together Chinese hardware with Indian software, China's Prime Minister said Sunday.

1975 WTC fire burned six floors for three hours

Original Scans from archived issues of The New York Times. on 9/11 the fires burned for much shorter times and were the official cause of collapse. We have also recently seen other tall steel buildings burn for hours and stay standing.
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