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Patriot Act Enhancement Provides Death Penalty For Any Federal Crime Punishable By Over One Year In Jail
The proposed legislation would do two things. First, it would make 23 crimes eligible for the death penalty. Second, it would create an unprecedented "catch-all" death penalty for any federal crime punishable by more than a year in prison.... Full Story
Police will be able to order eye scans under ID card plan
Police will have powers to stop and check people against a national biometric database under plans for a compulsory identity card scheme to be unveiled today.... Full Story
>> Independent Review Says UK Police Treat Protesters as Terrorists
>> War on 'Terror': Secret Service Investigates Teen's Art Project Depicting Bush As Devil
>> 'Threat to kill' Italian hostages
Bodies Of Dead GI's Secretly Hidden In Cyprus
A source in Cyprus, claims 5,000 dead bodies of British and American soldiers from the war in Afghanistan are secretly hidden in a military facility.... Full Story
>> The Basic Flaw of Neo-Conservatism
>> Bush's Alleged Cocaine Problems
>> Corruption in Iraq, Vote Fraud; Alex Jones Interviews BBC Reporter Greg Palast (members only, subscribe here)
>> Urgent! I need a copy of this month's Vanity Fair
>> Israel to destroy Iran nuke plant? Jerusalem considers pre-emptive strike by summer
>> Iraqis: US using cluster bombs in Fallujah
>> Jeff Rense comments on the 'Bush Seizure' Story
>> £2,500 Fine For Refusing ID Card
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>> 4th Amendment Dead
>> Kiss the 4th Amendment Goodbye
>> Bill of Rights no longer valid in Louisiana
>> Right to Refuse ID Rejected
>> Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants
>> Bush's Scripted Speech
>> The Chips Are Here!
>> Baja Beach Club Begins Chipping VIP's
>> Carlyle Group Involved in 'Swastika Chip'
>> Israel blows up ambulances, homes for mentally handicapped
>> Bush Press Conference Again Scripted Beforehand
>> 12 American Marines Executed in Fallujah, News Covered-up
>> The Chip-Mobile is Coming to Your Town!
>> Lawyers try to gag FBI worker over 9/11
>> Proposed bill would prohibit smoking in car with child passengers
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