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Dodd—Elite’s Pick for 2004?


The secret, powerful Bilderberg group is grooming one of its own for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004. Bilderberg has a long history of owning American presidents and heads of state in Europe.


Exclusive to American Free Press

By James P. Tucker Jr.


Bilderberg and its world government network believe they own President Bush because of his father’s participation in a brother group, the Trilateral Commission, but the secret international elite likes to own both horses in a two-horse race: Enter Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.).

Dodd has attended the last three secret Bilderberg meetings, which in itself means the internationalists believe he will be a useful tool.

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) has also attended two and was invited to Sweden last year but cancelled because Sen. Jim Jeffords (Ver.) was at the same moment bolting the Republican Party and was handing control of the Senate over to the Democratic Party.

The prestigious and pricey White House Weekly, a journal covering the inner workings of the White House, has already pronounced Dodd, who has made no public move toward a presidential campaign, a strong White House contender.

The journal quotes a top strategist for a competing presidential candidate saying: “This Dodd for president business is getting talked about a lot.” He said it is scaring some contenders.

“Dodd has significant relationships with all the top Democratic money folks around the country, going back to his time as DNC (Democratic National Committee) chairman under Clinton,” another opponent’s aide is quoted.

“He’s championed election reform which racked up big chits with the civil rights community and the Democratic base; he’s fighting Bush’s right-wing nominations on the Foreign Relations Committee,” the aide is quoted.

The secret international cabal has a history of owning presidents. President Gerald Ford was Bilderberg. He was defeated by President Jimmy Carter, who, like his vice president, Walter Mondale, were Trilaterals.

The Trilateral Commission, which will meet at the Ritz Carlton in Washington April 5-7, is less secretive than Bilderberg, with which it has interlocking leadership and a common agenda. David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger are powers in both groups. Trilaterals huddle behind closed and guarded doors but the fact of their meetings is acknowledged.

In the 1980 primaries, Ronald Reagan scoffed at the Trilateral Commission. His campaign operative, former Texas governor and treasury secretary John Connally, said Reagan would block Trilaterals from his administration. After his nomination, Reagan took Trilateral Bush on the ticket. As vice president, Bush the Elder addressed the Trilaterals in Washington and they were received at the White House.

In 1992, Bush lost to Bill Clinton, an obscure governor of Arkansas. Clinton was a Trilateralist who had been promoted to Bilderberg when it met in Baden Baden, Germany in 1991.

Dodd’s “potential candidacy is major trouble for Joe Lieberman,” the journal said, referring to the Democratic senator from Dodd’s state of Connecticut who was Al Gore’s running mate in 2000. It quoted another source:

“Not only is Lieberman’s fate taken out of his hands by Gore’s Hamlet routine, which is expected to continue through ’03, but now Dodd will split his [Lieberman’s] Connecticut and New York and national fund-raising base. He could make Nutmeg State politics an absolute soap opera.”