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28.10.2002 - 08:33 CET

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Common police force project may follow enlargement

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The Danish government supports more cooperation between European police, even though it might conflict with a Danish opt out (Photo: Hasse Holst)
Enlargement of the European Union is set to inject new momentum into European Police cooperation, with Germany suggesting that a common Police force is created to operate across all member states, reports the Danish newspaper Politiken.

With the enlargement of the European Union to take in ten new countries, of which many have serious problems with organised crime, political support has grown for intensifying police cooperation and moving it within supranational control. The same ideas are also being discussed with relation to areas within Justice and Home affairs, reports Politiken.

Henning Christophersen, the Danish government representative in the European Convention, says that the Danish government supports these notions even though they might come into conflict with the Danish opt out from European cooperation within the area of Justice and Home affairs.

"There is a huge majority within the European Convention and I considered it highly likely that it is agreed," said Mr Christophersen, according to Politiken.

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Written by Peter Karlsen
Edited by Sharon Spiteri