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Bilderberg and the Election

Bilderberg, the shadowy group of elites who run the show from the behind the scenes, controls the Republican and Democratic candidates in the 2000 presidential elections. But it's Pat Buchanan, the man they haven't mastered, who worries them the most.

Exclusive to The Spotlight

By James P. Tucker Jr.

Of the five major candidates for president, all except Pat Buchanan are under close control of Bilderberg.

When Buchanan first ran for president in 1992, he promised The SPOTLIGHT not to let these internationalists control America. He has since reiterated that promise.

But the others are under direct control of Bilderberg:

• Texas Gov. George W. Bush (R) has for foreign policy advisers Richard Pearle and Richard Armitage, both old-line Bilderberg participants. His father, former President George Bush, was a member of Bilderberg's brother group, the Trilateral Commission.

• Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) as national co-chairman and foreign policy adviser. Hagel, also a Trilateralist, was recruited by Bilderberg last June in Sintra, Portugal, and is a likely pick for vice president on the GOP ticket.

• Vice President Al Gore is the obliging puppet of his boss, President Clinton. Clinton is a long-time Tri lateralist who was promoted to Bilder berg in Baden Baden, Germany, in 1991.

• Bill Bradley attended several Bil derberg meetings as a senator from New Jersey. Bilderberg retains its own for life, even if political expediency requires some discreet absences.

Buchanan told The SPOTLIGHT during his first run that he would not appoint anyone to one of his cabinets who did not put America before any other international body.

"I don't know who Bilderberg is, but I've known for a long time that our foreign policy is controlled by an international elite, including the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations," Buchanan told The SPOTLIGHT. "I would turn elsewhere for advice."

Liberty Lobby, publisher of The SPOTLIGHT, soon afterward placed extensive information about Bilderberg in the hands of his sister and campaign manager, Bay Buchanan. Her brother continues to denounce the "international elite."


The interlocked Bilderberg-Trilateral elite has always tried to control the office of the presidency by owning both horses in a two-horse race.

In 1976, Trilateralist Jimmy Carter defeated Bilderberg Gerald Ford, the incumbent president. Carter's vice president, Walter Mondale, was also a Trilateralist

In 1980, Ronald Reagan campaigned against Trilateralism in the primaries, forcing rival George Bush to "resign" from the group. Reagan was pressured into taking Bush—then a pro-abortion advocate who had called Reagan's tax-cut plans "voodoo economics"—on the ticket. The following March, Vice President Bush addressed the Tri laterals in Washington and Reagan hosted them at a White House reception.

In 1984, Bush won in a landslide over Michael Dukakis, who was surrounded by Bilderberg-Trilaterals. Du kakis' running mate, then Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-Tex.), chairman of the Banking Committee, was a Bilderberg regular. Bentsen continued attending Bilderberg meetings as Clinton's treasury secretary until a stroke incapacitated him three years ago. In 1992, Bilderberg Clinton ousted Trilateralist Bush.

National politicians understand the significance of support from the international elite. The Detroit News asked McCain: "What's the first thing you would do as president?"

McCain replied that he would call in, among others, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger and Hagel and say: "We've got to get foreign policy, national security issues back on track."

Brzezinski is a long-time Trilateral power. Kissinger is part of the top interlocking leadership between the Trila teralists and Bilderberg. Hagel is a new Bilderberg recruit.