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Global Elite Fear Growing Chinese Power
Solana wants to entice China into expanded G8, urges U.S. to follow globalist agenda

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Wednesday, October 24, 2007


European Union foreign policy chief and Bilderberg luminary Javier Solana has called for an expanded G8 and chastised the United States for failing in its responsibility to become more active in shaping a new world order, warning that power is being lost to countries like China and India.

In an essay for Europe's World, a European policy review published three times a year, Solana cautions that the traditionally western led world order may need a "rethink" because power "is ebbing away from the West to new powers like China, India, Brazil, South Africa."

Solana urges that India and China be enticed to join the G8 in order to "keep some current members on their toes" and allow the globalist body to more accurately "reflect global economic and political power."

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The G8 is merely a more publicly presentable front group for the real powerbrokers of the new world order - the Bilderberg group - of which Solana is a long-serving member. Bilderberg is a quasi-secret organization that meets once a year to set global policy and includes amongst its ranks the elite of the elite from the world of politics, business, oil, banking, media and academia.

Over the past few years, Bilderberg has become increasingly nervous about China's growing economic clout and domination of the marketplace, and Solana's manifesto is seemingly an attempt to fully recruit China into the ranks of the controlling global elite to offset concerns that other parties within China will seek greater leverage to pursue their own narrow geopolitical agenda, potentially putting China and the New World Order at loggerheads.

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Is China starting to turn away from the internationalists to pursue its own agenda? Former Forbes writer Benjamin Fulford caused controversy recently when he went public with the claim that a Chinese secret society with 6 million members, including 1.8 million Asian gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins, had sworn to target figureheads of the global elite because they had discovered a plan to use race-specific bio-weapons to reduce the Asian population to just 500 million.

Though sensational in its context, Fulford's position as Forbes' former Asian Pacific bureau chief lends the story credibility and he had no apparent motive in making it up.

A yearning to thin the world's population on behalf of the global elite is an often stated goal.

According to Fulford, China's recent threat to sell their vast dollar reserves is also part of a deadly game of brinkmanship between the globalists and the Asian superpower.

Solana's plea that China be delicately persuaded to join and even lead the new world order is a potential sign that the Bilderbergers are desperate to entice the Chinese rather than take the risk of creating an enemy out of them.


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