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The Empire's Foot Soldiers Ape Its Master
No longer any confusion about who "the bad guys" are

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | October 25 2006

It was Jesus Christ who told his disciples, "You will know them by their fruits," and the fruits of the Neo- Cons in Iraq and Afghanistan have been the deliberate creation of chaotic, fear-ridden deadly hellholes. It comes as no surprise therefore that since the empire's imperial foot soldiers were deployed in the name of "democracy," their behavior has aped the dark intentions of their superiors.

The BBC reports today,

"Photos apparently showing German troops posing with a skull in Afghanistan have caused outrage in Germany."

"The tabloid newspaper Bild, which carried the photos, says they show German troops in Afghanistan in 2003."

"On one of the pictures, a soldier is seen holding the skull next to his exposed penis, on another - soldiers pose with the skull on their jeep."

This of course is only the first in a never-ending cycle of atrocities and abominations against humanity inflicted upon the people of Iraq and Afghanistan by the coalition of the killing, from Abu Ghraib to Haditha to the recent rape-slay case in which a 14-year-old girl was molested and then killed along with the rest of her family by US soldiers.

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A fascination with the insignia of death, as satirized by the preceding comedy sketch in which two Nazi SS officers come to realize they are "the baddies" upon noticing skulls on their uniform, is also a telling sign that the intentions of the subject are not altogether noble.

Highly revealing therefore it is that we should witness the burgeoning inclination for US army troops to hoist skull and crossbones flags atop their tanks and other symbols of death and destruction.

Why are the supposed "liberators who would be greeted by a shower of flower petals" now openly exhibiting all the signs of being "the bad guys?"

On one level it's because they are not dumb - they now know like the majority of the world that the war on terror and the invasion of Iraq are about as far removed from the intention of spreading democracy than Mark Foley should be from a kindergarten class. No amount of Pentagon planted propaganda in Iraqi newspapers can hide that fact.

Iraq and Afghanistan are elected dictatorships under perpetual martial law where the people have been stripped of any and all rights they ever had or ever hoped to attain after the glorious liberation.

On another it's an outward expression of denoting that they are a member of a gang - and the only real reason still remaining for them to be there is to protect their fellow gang members. All gangs have their own tags and mascots and since the primary role of this gang of criminals is the metering out of death and misery, no symbol is more appropriate than death's head itself - the skull.

Is it any surprise that we see reports of Iraq war vets returning home and butchering their wives and families before turning the gun on themselves on a monthly basis? The extreme anguish of being forced to enslave and butcher populations of people who would rather die than live under imperial occupation, while getting shot at and seeing their friends go home in flag-draped coffins hidden from public view - combine to inflict the most imposing dose of post-traumatic stress imaginable.

That the foot-soldiers of the empire quickly began to ape the dark souls of their masters underscores the reality of the blackened heart of the Neo-Fascist agenda and the consequences of what will entail when these soldiers return home en masse and become our police is sickening to even contemplate.



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