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Truth Movement, Political Wild Cards Back Off Staged Terror
Danger remains high before election but Neo-Fascist's zeal stunted by unforeseen events

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | October 11 2006

Fears that another major staged terror attack was in the works during the summer of 2006 have been tempered somewhat by the burgeoning activism of the 9/11 truth and anti-war movements as well as political wild cards that were previously unforeseen by the Neo-Con elite - who are now on the defensive.

Based on an assessment of the climate of fearmongering that reached its height after British authorities announced the foiling of a transatlantic plot to bomb airliners, radio host Alex Jones warned of the danger of "bone-shattering" terror attacks in America or Europe which would take place unless there was a watershed of heightened awareness of government sponsored terror.

Since that time the reality of the alleged bomb plot has crumbled and societal awareness to the true face of terrorism is evergreen.

On September 11 2006, an army of black-shirted 9/11 Truthers rallied in New York and bull horned the mantra that "9/11 was an inside job," a clarion call that throughout the months of August and September received at least five times its usual coverage in the mainstream media - both hit pieces and sympathetic portrayals alike.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez made global headlines when during a September 10th speech he directly implied that 9/11 was an inside job. Subsequently, in his September 20th address to the UN, Chavez highlighted the U.S. government's protection of former CIA operative and plane bomber, Cuban exile Luis Posada Carriles.

The outstanding success of Loose Change and the media circus it has attracted, combined with tens of millions of online views, has spread the 9/11 wake up call to the four corners of the earth like wildfire.

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Political developments over the last two weeks have put the Neo-Cons back on the defensive and the time afforded in covering up vast pedophile and prostitution networks that infest Washington DC, at risk from increased obsession with the Mark Foley scandal, has distracted the Republican elite from deploying its "October surprise" that Karl Rove promised on September 25th.

In addition, the Neo-Cons have had to activate their press mouthpieces to downplay North Korea's nuclear weapon test, a slapdash scramble to offset questions about why Iran, a nation as much as fifteen years away from a nuke, is being targeted meanwhile the Stalinist state is spared an invasion threat yet is openly proliferating and threatening the U.S. with war if it interferes.

Kim Jong-il's atomic test was another surprise wild card that has knocked the pre-planned Neo-Con agenda off-course.

It is these factors amongst others that have contributed in backing off the danger of a staged terror attack in the immediate future. That is not to say that we should become lackadaisical and relax our efforts in exposing government sponsored terror. It is only through constant vigilance that we have avoided another 9/11 and any dropping of that guard would leave us open to attack again.

Making it past the mid-terms elections without another false-flag event or a manufactured terror alert will be a significant stride in countering the politics of fear and scaling back the gross and egregious violations of American liberty and the very fabric of the U.S. Constitution that have amplified over the past month.



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