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Scrapbook Terrorist Recycled Again Before Election
"Limousine bomber" makes world news headlines for second month running, but evidence remains non-existent

Paul Joseph Watson
Propaganda Matrix
Monday, November 6, 2006

The court case of a man accused of planning to attack multiple targets in the U.S. and Britain, despite the evidence to indict him amounting to no more than scribbles in a notebook, has again made world news headlines on the eve of the mid-term elections and on the very day Prime Minister Tony Blair went on the offensive over ID cards in a news briefing.

BBC News reports,

"A Muslim convert planned to detonate a dirty bomb and launch an attack on London's Tube, a court has heard. Former Hindu Dhiren Barot, 34, from London, plotted "massive explosions" in the US and UK, aiming to kill hundreds.

"Barot, who last month admitted conspiracy to murder, wanted to pack limousines with gas cylinders and also use a radioactive "dirty" bomb."

The problem with this story, as we reported the last time it was deliriously vomited all over the front pages, is that "The Crown could not dispute claims from the defence that no funding had been received for the projects, nor any vehicles or bomb-making materials acquired."

No money, no vehicles, no bombs - just some retarded nutcase scrawling absent-minded empty threats in a notebook and the odd Google search, but for some reason the media has embarked on a policy of hyping this nothing story to unimaginable depths of horror in which Barot was on the verge of carrying out simultaneous attacks in different countries. Perhaps the bigger story is exactly how Barot had invented the time machine that would have allowed him to bomb the following targets at the same time.

- A dirty bomb and a gas attack on the Heathrow Express train service.

- Detonation of a bomb under the River Thames to flood the Tube network.

- Bombing the Savoy hotel in London and mainline train stations, Waterloo, Paddington and King's Cross.

- Bombing the IMF and World Bank in Washington DC.

- Bombing the New York Stock Exchange building and the Citigroup headquarters, as well as the Prudential building in Newark, New Jersey.

Quite how Barot (pictured below) would have been able to carry out these attacks on his own, in different countries at the same time and with no materials or funding to do so has escaped the scrutiny of any mainstream reporter.

What makes the hot air surrounding the story especially acrid is the fact that in the very same week it first broke, police uncovered the "largest ever" haul of explosives at a house in Burnley in north-west England - including a chemicals, bio-suits and even a rocket launcher. The find was briefly reported on by a handful of local town newspapers but completely blacked out by the national print and TV press.

Why? Because the suspects were white and the government and their media press whores couldn't frame it in the context of the war on terror to frighten the public into further acquiescing to authoritarian trends that led last week to the government's own commissioner reporting that Britain was officially a "surveillance society," and ranked lower in terms of personal privacy than China or Zimbabwe.

The recycling of the Barot myth was timed perfectly to coincide with Tony Blair's enforced propagandizing of the faltering ID card issue today in which he tried to dismiss civil liberties concerns by citing the danger of the terrorists that in every single case have been proven to be framed innocents, unwitting dupes, or working directly for British intelligence.

With sentencing due to take place tomorrow, this is one of several stories that remain bubbling under the surface that Republicans will hope can at least get them enough votes to maintain control of a tight Senate - or at least give the rigged electronic voting machines a helping hand to make up he difference.

One other being the decision to execute Saddam Hussein for using the chemical and biological weapons Donald Rumsfeld sold to him in 1984.

Saddam himself claims that the ruling was deliberately timed so as to boost Bush before the mid-terms and bloggers had been warning of a similar scenario weeks in advance, pointing out that the decision was purposefully delayed until two days before polling.

Columbia University Law School Professor Scott Horton was the first to notice the suspicious timing of the verdict date and told The Nation, ""When you look at polling figures, there have been three significant spike points. One was the date on which Saddam was captured. The second was the purple fingers election. The third was Zarqawi being killed. Based on those three, it's easy to project that they will get a mild bump out of this."

"That November 5 date is designed to show some progress in Iraq. This is the last full news-cycle day in the US before the elections. It'll be Monday. And the American public will see Saddam condemned to death and see it as a positive thing," said Horton.





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