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News Agencies Confirming Mujahideen Control Most of Fallujah

JUS | November 23 2004

China’s Xinhua News Agency reported Monday that Mujahideen are holding 60 percent of Fallujah and have surrounded dozens of US Marines in the al-Jawlan district of the city. Quoting eyewitnesses on Sunday “who managed to sneak out of the city.” Xinhua wrote that the residents reported that the Mujahideen still controls the southern part of al-Fallujah, which “constitutes the larger part of the city and quoted the witnesses as saying that “US troops only control the north and small eastern spots in the city.”

The news agencies filing confirms what our sources and Mafkarat al-Islam have been reporting.

The residents said that “some American troops are based in government buildings and they are pounded by fighters.” They told the news agency, “in daytime groups of mujahideen engage with hit-and-run attacks with US Marines, and at the same time they gear themselves up for the night battles.” Xinhua reported that “fierce fighting and loud explosions resonated throughout the al-Jawlan neighborhood before sunset.”

They agency further reported eyewitnesses as saying on Monday that “fierce clashes are underway in the al-Jawlan, al-‘Askari, and ash-Shuhada’ neighborhoods on Monday. They said that several relief teams were conducting hard negotiations with US troops to gain access to the city to provide assistance to the wounded and bury the dead.

Residents outside the city reported that US troops let one relief team into the city on Sunday but later opened fire on their convoy, killing one member of the team and forcing them to withdraw amid growing fears of a humanitarian crisis in Fallujah.

Bigley House Found In Fallujah?

Meanwhile, mainstream news is reporting that a house found in central Fallujah is the site where British hostage, Kenneth Bigley, was held and beheaded. News agencies are reporting details of the house match the video images in which Bigley appeared while he was captivated, such as writings on the walls and a chicken-wire cage. Shackles and handcuffs were also present in the house.

This appears to be more misinformation to justify the Fallujah massacre of civlians as the last video taken of Bigley inside a cage was not filmed inside Iraq according our sources but rather in Jordan, where he was said to be excuted.

Relative Calm In The City Monday

Calm prevailed over the center and outlying regions of Fallujah on Monday, according to a dispatch posted on Mafkarat al-Islam at 11:35pm Monday night. US occupation forces remain centered in their same positions as on previous days, having made no advances. Some minor movements were observed of some military units, but these were inconsequential.

Correspondents outside the city of al-Fallujah observed occupation troops to be in a relaxed mood, as they could be seen getting out of their cars, resting and playing around with one another. Occupation forces occasionally opened and occasionally closed the road that leads to as-Saqlawiyah, allowing families some movement.


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