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Colbert Reaction Shows Media Are Frightened Of Bush
Another alarm bell warning that dictatorship is near

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | May 3 2006

It wasn't the reaction of President Bush that interested me, nor the meanderings of Fox News. The way in which the media received Stephen Colbert's act during the White House Correspondents Dinner should set alarm bells ringing about the real state of the union.

The attending press whores were frightened to laugh at Colbert because they didn't want to upset their boss, George W. Bush.

Anyone with half a brain could see that Colbert's routine (watch the video) was funnier than the Bush lookalike 'dumb and dumber' skit, an over scripted painful bore that nevertheless garnered loud guffaws from the audience.

But Colbert's expertly honed Neo-Con Bush worshipping performance was met with guarded silence at many points during the keynote address.

Colbert himself made reference to this on the Monday edition of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report (video below), noting the mute response to his quip that the administration were re-arranging deck chairs on the Hindenburg.

"The crowd were ready to carry me out on their shoulders, even though I wasn't actually ready to leave," joked Colbert.

Subsequent reports on the dinner almost completely omitted Colbert's 30 minute speech, focusing instead on the 5 minute tedious two Bushes act, despite the fact that Colbert's performance was one of the most biting and revelatory satirical masterpieces in years, and Colbert had the guts to pull it all off right in front of Bush's face, an action described as "Ballsalicious" by Colbert's cohort John Stewart.

In the aftermath of the dinner reports are emerging that Bush is on the warpath. "He's got that look that he's ready to blow," one aide told US News and World Report. Those familiar with Bush's tantrums and swearing fits will not be shocked to hear that the 'Commander in Chief' has once again reverted to the behavior of a 6-year-old in the face of criticism and lack of fealty.

But if Bush is the 6-year-old with a temper problem then the media is the younger kid that he bullies. The yellow streak witnessed at Saturday's dinner mirrors the standard of journalistic integrity these whores uphold. Prostrate and kneeling before their imperial master, they once again fall in line to sell another war without end.

When a satirical routine that mocks the President is treated with hushed tones and darting glares from the very supposed guardians of free speech, it spells danger for the ability to dissent in America without being castigated as a misbehaving gadfly.


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