Arrest of NJ Rabbis, Mayors, Lays Bare Global Crime Cabal

American Free Press
Friday, July 31, 2009

The case of the New Jersey rabbis who ran a mafia-style syndicate—with a sideline in body parts— is only part of a global criminal conspiracy to traffic in human body parts headquartered in Israel and financed by the Israeli National Health Plan.

Israel is the world supermarket for body parts—but almost no Israelis are willing to donate body parts. If you are an Israeli who wants somebody else’s organs, you can enjoy a government financed “transplant tourism” vacation, group or individual. Pick Eastern Europe, Turkey, China, India, Pakistan, China, Central and South America, the Philippines etc. Choose from a line-up of donors—like selecting a live lobster to be boiled for dining pleasure.

An Israeli “health” ministry directive—courtesy of the American taxpayer who is buried under the costs of health care—reimburses Israelis who go abroad for transplants as much as $80,000.

Insurance companies are happy to pay, since the cost of kidney surgery, even in the relatively short run, is less than the cost of dialysis. Allowing the brokers to operate benefits the state by exporting Israel’s organ shortage overseas. The patients who do go abroad ‘‘save the country a lot of money,’’ explained Dr. Michael Friedlaender, a kidney specialist at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, ‘‘not only in terms of what doesn’t have to be spent on dialysis, but also by opening places for other people who
are on the list.’’

The demand for body parts—the black market money plus the amount of Israeli government health plan money—is so great that the schemes for supplying the market are beyond a normal person’s imagination. In China prisoners are executed if their blood type makes the “donor” a match to a list. Technically, Israeli government insurance suspended paying for organ transplants in China after just this kind of embarrassing publicity, but in practice they still do it.

The practice is now so widespread that insurance companies, subsidized by the Israeli government, are funding these illegal transplants all over the world—from South Africa to Turkey.

In Israel, Palestinians are routinely murdered and their body parts “harvested.” Gastarbeiter (foreign worker) “donors” constitute nearly half of all donors in Israel. Tourists who have died in Israel have had their body parts harvested.

Under the guise of “rescuing” orphans, children are kidnapped around the world to be dissected for body parts. The remains are cremated to destroy evidence. A retired Israeli army officer under arrest on suspicion of participating in an international organ trafficking scheme testified before a Brazilian court that the Israeli government financed organ transplants.

The retired army officer, Geldaya Tauber Gady, told a court in Brazil that Israel financed organ transplants in other countries, mainly South Africa, through its national health service. “The Israeli government is aware of the traffic in organs for patients in its country and pays for all transactions through four national health plans.”

In all, “44 people were arrested in the wide-ranging scandal, which ensnared elected officials, political operatives and members of the Syrian Jewish communities in Deal (N.J.) and Brooklyn,” the Star Ledger of Newark reported July 28. One, Jack Shaw, 61, died in an apparent suicide. There were numerous other serious felony charges unrelated to the rabbis’ organ selling.

This article was drawn from The New York Times and Transplant News.


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