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New Lesbian Toy Dolls Packaged With Miniature Vibrators

New York Post | July 12 2004

Comment: Think back to this when yourr daughter gets to 40 with no husband, no kids, and a crack habit.

Barbie's new surfer boyfriend Blaine had better look out.

He's about to meet his match — but the love rival isn't a man, it's another woman. And she's a New Yorker.

"Bobbie Doll" goes on sale this week as the world's first lesbian action figure in an edgy new toy series called DYKEdolls.

With her leather jacket, muscle T-shirt, tattoo and downtown attitude, 12-inch-high Bobbie is poised to take the doll world by storm.

And her New York creator cheekily believes she might even "catch the eye" of her West Coast plastic counterpart — the ultimate California girl, Barbie, who recently dumped her longtime love, Ken.

"He won't treat her right," DYKEdolls creator and East Village resident Stephanie Prod says of Blaine, tongue firmly in cheek.

"He won't know what women want — but Bobbie does," she adds.

But don't expect to see these Sapphic playthings at your toy store anytime soon. The DYKEdoll figures, which will sell for $49.95 apiece, are aimed at adults. Only buyers over 21 can get the $65 package, which includes "accessories": tiny leather harnesses and miniature vibrators.

Bobbie — or Bobbie Rockerbilly DYKEdoll, to give her full title — will launch on the Internet ( Friday along with her "Butch Series" lesbian friends, Doc Holliday and Williamsburg Dyke.

Doc sports cowgirl gear and is named after the Doc Holliday's Western-style bar on Avenue A that attracts many lesbians who favor the Texas look. Williamsburg, or Diesel, wears a cutoff gasoline shirt and low-slung jeans.

The 36-year-old software designer got the idea for her dolls when writing her master's thesis at NYU last year about lesbians' underrepresentation in popular culture.