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9/11 And Lasers

Jon Rappoport | January 15 2005

I offer this only as a hypothesis.

How many billions has the USG spent on defense? Before 9/11?

How much laser research was done? Weren't lasers part of the Stars Wars defense plan?

Okay. From even the truncated and avoidance-laden testimony given to the 9/11 Commission, we learn that SOMETHING was not right in the skies on that fateful day. Not everything that should have been covered was covered.

The implication being, if fighter planes had been scrambled in time to shoot down the hijacked planes, those fighters might actually have shot them down.

Over the last several months, we've read stories about kids and other people aiming little lasers, from the ground, into commercial cockpits. These dime-store gizmos can apparently blind pilots.

The Pentagon never thought of this before 9/11? As a defensive weapon? As a last-ditch effort, this couldn't have been undertaken while the hijacked jetliners were in the sky on 9/11?

Seems to me it wouldn't have been hard to put together a workable laser system long before 9/11. You FLOOD a cockpit with lasers.

Assuming this is true, we have a couple of possible conclusions. As many have said, there were forces at work within the USG, controlling forces, which WANTED those jetliners to reach their destinations. Or, they did try lasers, but the jetliners were flying by remote control, so it made no difference.