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Chemtrails In South Florida

Tony Soldo | January 2 2005

I live in Jupiter, Florida, on the south-east coast, near Palm Beach, (about 25 miles north). At approx: 10:30 AM, Saturday, January 1st, I observed four planes spraying within a five minute time-frame. All planes were in the western skyline, two were heading south, almost straight-up, heading toward the upper atmosphere, and two were heading north, same trajectory, about a 45 degree angle,(approx: 40,000 to 60,000 ft.).

They formed two obvious X's in the western sky. Also, there were two fresh parallel trails in the eastern sky, starting to expand. I pointed this out to a few co-workers, and as they observed what I just described, they laughed, and said that those were passenger planes heading to Palm Beach International Airport! I see many planes descending here in Jupiter, directly overhead, to land at P.B.I., and those planes are clearly visible, (approx: 15,000 to 20,000 ft.) and they leave no trail (con or chem).

Jupiter is due north of P.B.I.! , so planes are clearly visible coming in for landings all the time. They have two flight plans, one, as previously stated, is along the coastline, and the other is off the coast a few miles, but begins it's turn and descent near Jupiter. So, Whatever these planes were, they definitely were NOT passenger planes.

Regardless of anyone's opinion on this subject, there are certainly planes flying all over the place around here, and people have a right to know who's flying them, and what their purpose is. Whether these planes are commercial, U.S. military, or N.A.T.O./A.W.A.C.'s, or N.A.S.A. crafts, American citizens deserve the truth,(we can handle it...).

My goal is to get people around here to start looking up, and then ask themselves,"What's going on"? Once people willingly acknowledge to themselves that something exists, ( like unknown planes flying above them with seemingly no particular purpose or place to go), then they will automatically become curious, and only then, ! will they be open to the truth, and learn to expand their thoughts and beliefs.

Tony Soldo lives in South Florida and can be reached at