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Is Bush The Lifetime President?

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | February 11 2006

Those confident in the fact that President Bush will leave office in January 2009 after his second term ends would be wary to check out images posted on the Huffington Post website.

During a National Guard ceremony gala on Thursday night, Bush was presented with a life-size marble pedestal of his own head and shoulders.

Look closely at the inscription on the statue reads 2001-BLANK, indicating that the date when Bush will leave office isn't yet known, despite the fact that the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution only allows incumbents to occupy the office of President for a maximum of two terms.

Spooky? A move is afoot to abolish the 22nd Amendment and allow for a dictator to monopolize the reigns of power for life, in the form of a House bill introduced last June.

The bill would repeal limitations on a President holding office for a maximum of two terms.

An even darker scenario, Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected as President in 2008 and shortly after the 22nd amendment is abolished, making the Hitler admirer our permanent Fuehrer.

This is the modern day version of the Enabling Act, which allowed Hitler to officially declare himself dictator.

Click here to hear President Bush's thoughts on the subject.

The bill can be found at the Library of Congress website here.


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