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Good News For Rapists & Criminals: British Government Bans Knives
Launches PR 'amnesty,' encourages citizens to turn them in

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | February 9 2006

Not content with eliminating the last vestiges of private gun ownership, a policy which saw gun crime figures balloon, the British government has now declared war on knives. Criminals can now rape women safe in the knowledge that they now have absolutely no means with which to fight back.

The London Independent reports today,

"A five-week nationwide knives amnesty is being launched in the summer in an attempt to drive down numbers of stabbings."

"Under the amnesty, which will run between 24 May and 30 June in England, Wales and Scotland, members of the public can leave bladed weapons in drop-in bins which will be provided at police stations throughout the country without fear of prosecution."

Now I feel a great deal safer. The criminal who is prepared to break in your home and rip you to shreds in cold blood will finally see the error of his ways and comply with Charles Clarke's (pictured) PR campaign and turn in his knives.

We know that's not how it works. Self-indulgent do-gooders who think they're misbehaving by as much as crossing a road on a red light will pave the way for law-abiding citizens to be disarmed of even their trusty kitchen knife. What's next? Will we be allowed to own baseball bats? How about just forcefully wrapping us all in cotton wool and keeping us all in rubber rooms?

The criminals can now roam the streets safe in the knowledge that the woman they're brutally raping has no tools with which to fight back.

The PR campaign was preceded by stories of police approaching middle class middle aged women and initiating conversations about knife crime in an attempt to subtly interrogate the person as to whether they were carrying one.

As a woman who was caught up in such a situation wrote in the London Guardian,

"There are no more knives in circulation than there used to be. Perhaps there are better knives, titanium knives, knives with innovative serrations. Perhaps knives are more attractive or more acceptable as accessories. But it is no easier to get hold of a knife now than it was 1,000 years ago or to stab a person than it was in the iron age."

The London Telegraph reported today that traders in the southern English town of Bournemouth have been told by police not to bother them if shoplifters steal items worth under £75 ($170).

The police don't have any time for thieves but there are plenty around to harass middle aged women and people who wish to peacefully read out names of British soldiers killed in Iraq.

There are more than enough bobbies on the beat to apprehend 119,000 people under section 44 of the terrorism act. People including 82-year-old Walter Wolfgang (pictured) , who was forcefully dragged out of a Labour Party conference for calling Jack Straw a liar under the same terror law.

Coppers are more than happy to lounge around in the office and intimidate authors who commit the crime of disagreeing with homosexual adoption with bullying phone calls.

These are the real threats. Kitchen knives, peaceful political protesters, middle aged white women and people who have opinions and thoughts of their own.

I can now leave the house safe in the knowledge that my government has my best interests at heart and that they are keeping me protected from these dangerous elements of society.


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