CNN Censors Federal Reserve Rant?
Peter Schiff identifies real cause of financial disaster, CNN cuts the feed

Paul Joseph Watson
Propaganda Matrix
Thursday, December 4, 2008



Technical difficulties or deliberate censorship? CNN does not usually afford a soapbox to Peter Schiff because he's one of a rare breed of financial analysts, he can actually identify the root of the problem - the Federal Reserve.

So when Schiff was cut off during the height of his rant against the Fed, many of our readers questioned whether it was a deliberate act of sabotage.

Used to doling out a steady diet of bailout propaganda on a daily basis, CNN bosses were probably not amused when Schiff started to blame the government's obsession with rescuing failed companies for the deepening severity of the economic crisis.


"Capitalism is not about propping up failed companies, we need to let them fail," said Schiff, before adding, "Now of course behind it all is the Federal Reserve, if the Federal Reserve had not intervened....had they not poured all this alcohol then Wall Street wouldn't have got drunk, but they did."

"I am convinced that everything the government is doing to fight this off is gonna make...." said Schiff before the feed was cut.

Conspiracy or technical gremlins? Either way, it's unlikely that CNN will invite Schiff back on should he continue to dare tell the truth about the real culprits behind the grand larceny undertaken by the government and the Federal Reserve, the cost of which now stands at $8.5 trillion dollars.

Watch the clip.



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