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Micro lie detectors help screeners ID air passenger threats

World Tribune | August 27 2004

TEL AVIV – An Israeli firm has developed a miniature system that can provide unobtrusive lie detector tests for commercial air travelers deemed suspicious.

The system uses a miniature computer chip that can provide voice analysis of those responding to questions from screeners at airports. Executives said the technology which they termed Poly-Layered Voice Analysis, measured voice for such traits as deception, excitement, stress, concentration, hesitation, anger, love and lust.

The chip can be inserted in an eyeglass frame and allow screeners to determine with 98 percent accuracy whether a suspicious traveler has intentions to launch an attack during flight, Middle East Newsline reported.

The new technology has been relayed to the United States for marketing by a New York-based company V Entertainment, which markets a product to allow screeners to process a would-be airline passenger within 30 seconds.

Executives said a chip small enough to fit in an eyeglass frame could read a subject's voice frequency. The chip was meant to provide nine analyses and flash a light upon detection of a lie. Conventional lie detectors measure the heart beat in an effort to detect whether a subject is telling the truth.

The system, termed "Voice Analysis Eyeglasses," has been produced by the Israeli firm Nemesysco, which develops systems for counter-insurgency and military applications.

The Nemesysco product was said to be ready for marketing and priced at between $500 and $1,000. The system was deemed as suitable for commercial or security applications and could also analyze telephone conversations.

Voice Analysis Eyeglasses, also capable of detecting gaps in the answers of a subject, was said to measure 18 parameters of speech.


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