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Overwhelming evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Princess was ritually murdered by elite globalists.
Murder of Diana
The agenda for world government is espoused by world leaders every week. The agenda is unfolding before our eyes.
Whenever we look into child sex slavery rings the dots connect back to the elites of Europe and America. They run the whole sorry affair.
New World Order
Elite Sex Trade
A Police State is being formented on your very doorstep. Billions of your tax dollars are being spent on repressive forces designed to enslave you.
Police State
Orwell's nightmare vision has already been surpassed only you didn't hear about it, learn how and when the state was usurped by Big Brother.
Big Brother
Forced Drugging, DNA fingerprinting for all, genetic engineering, Gene ID cards, a DARPA cyborg servant race, its all here right NOW.
Brave New World
The elite are nothing more than high powered peddlers of filth and debauchery, our society is losing all sense of morality and decency.
Moral Meltdown
The War on Terror is not only built on a foundation of lies, it is a lie. There are no real terrorists except those under Globalist control.
War On Terror
From Nixon to Clinton, Arnold to George W, all have been initiated into and are regular visitors to the Satanic hideout known as Bohemian Grove.
Bohemian Grove
Yale's secret society acting as the US branch of the order of the Illuminati. The 2004 Presidential election is a staged event between two bonesmen.
Skull and Bones
Hundreds of high powered world figures, politicians to film directors meet every year to direct world events and formulate plans for the takeover.
Wierd blood rituals, satanistic sacrifices and a multitude of occult symbols in everyday society character- ise the freemason web of deceit.
Regionalization on a mass scale to slowly integrate the populations of Europe into the New World Order and take away States' soveriegn rights.
European Union
Murder of David Kelly
Chief Weapons inspector Dr David Kelly was murdered to keep him from releasing information pertaining to the illegality of the Iraq war.
The capture was a staged media event, we reveal the smoking guns behind the story and de-bunk the official version of events.
Staged Capture of Saddam
Iraq Aftermath
Massive section on the Iraq war, the real reason it was fought and the truth behind Saddam Hussein's rise to power.
Government Prior Knowledge and undeniable evidence of complicity on the part of the Bush administration which is conrolled by globalist elites.
There are hundreds of anomalies and questions in the Berg case. It quickly became apparent that our perceptions were being manipulated again.
Execution of N. Berg
September 11th
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