Propaganda is the sum total of that fight. is the new breed of alternative new media that exploded on the World Wide Web in the summer of 2001 as a refreshing challenge to mainstream press.  Created by online journalist and web master Paul Joseph Watson, it exposes an undercurrent of documented manipulation concerning geopolitical and national affairs. 

The website consists of published but unnoticed mainstream news reports and devotes itself to connecting the dots, while other journalists move on to distractions and diversions.  Watson draws concrete conclusions between how the new terrorism paradigm is being used by governments of the world to usher in a high tech police state and a new world order. The new world order is veiled as being a natural progression of society and politics yet represents the ultimate form of centralized and un-elected control.

Since the creation of the website its main thrust has been the 9/11 atrocities.  During the anniversary of September 11th the media coverage was largely focused on the humanitarian aspects of the attacks. focuses on what really happened before, during and after that day.  The mass of credible evidence complied from steadfast resources overwhelmingly concludes that the US government not only had prior knowledge but were complicit in engineering the attacks.

Watson’s work has been published by Michel Chossudovsky ‘s Centre for Research on Globalisation at Chossudovsky is the Professor of Economics at Ottawa University Canada.  His research has also featured on the Independent Media Centre at, and also in the Russian newspaper Pravda.

Watson’s articles are regularly syndicated on alternative media web sites across the internet.

Watson is based in Sheffield England and hosts an online
radio broadcast at in syndication with the website. The show delves deeper into his articles and provides the website with a voice.  It is vital that this information has an outlet within a broader media circle.

Watson is also the webmaster of
Prison - syndicated radio and television host, author, and documentary maker Alex Jones' latest website.

Mr. Watson recently signed a contract with Dandelion Books and is working on a book that will be available in early 2003.

Praise for Propaganda

“Propaganda Matrix takes a deeper look at what's really going on, and comes up with a host of conspiracy theories that may or may not be true, but are at the very least extremely interesting to those who want to get a very different point of view. A large archive of thought-provoking articles works in tandem with a radio show to produce an alternative slant on world events. A huge amount of work must go into gathering information and maintaining the site.”

London Independent  October 12 2002

“Another great site I found is Propaganda, another amazing site with incredible sections on everything you can frankly imagine when it comes to fighting the globalists.”

Alex Jones, The Alex Jones Show
Born on the 24th May 1982, Watson grew up in a stable family environment at a time when the cold war was coming to an end. A world ravaged by conflict was finally giving itself the opportunity to enter the 21st century in a climate of peace and freedom.

In his teens, Watson began to slowly comprehend that something was drastically wrong. There was a pervasive yet subtle force that sought to completely destroy the comfort and strength of the middle class surroundings he and others of his generation had enjoyed.

Shortly after taking a degree course in History at the Sheffield University in England, Watson quickly realized that his studies were diametrically opposed to the reality of the world he had uncovered via private research.
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