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Shouting Telescreens Coming to Britain

London Guardian

Just as Britain gets used to CCTV cameras, a new Big Brother system is to become part of everyday life.

Hidden watchers are starting to talk - loudly - to anyone seen acting suspiciously or misusing disabled bays at trial parking sites.

Tests in Nottingham have persuaded nine local schools to start the school year by installing the "talking eye" system, officially called public address voice activation. Security cameras are linked to loudspeakers and staff in a central control room who issue messages such as: "The police are coming."

The system has led to an increase in the availability of disabled parking at the Village hotel in Leeds, say staff whose wheelchair symbols had failed to prevent the bays being taken.

Sam Taylor, chief engineer at the hotel, said: "The voices are proving suitably embarrassing for drivers who sneak into a forbidden parking spot to be shown up by the loudspeakers."

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