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Who Bombed Turkey and Why? US-Israeli Oil Interests Provide Clandestine Motive

Paul Joseph Watson

Another week, another 'Al-Qaeda' bombing. But why Turkey? Why would radical Muslims target a Muslim-led country that if anything has been a bulwark against the PNAC imperialist expansion? Depends on who your 'radical Muslims' work for.

Let's forgoe the 'Al-Qaeda targets Britain' headlines which screamed at us from the tabloids this past week. The fact that the British embassy was hit matters little to Brits, who only ever take notice of events which are taking place in their own backyard.

The timing of the attack obviously coincided with the height of the protests against Bush's visit to London. Why would George Bush's arch enemies provide a distraction that would reduce media coverage of the protests against him significantly and allow him to grandstand with Tony Blair in a wallowing of fake sympathy?

The actors and dramatics that make up the US government-created 'Al-Qaeda' hoodwink most of the world into believing the theatre that a highly organized terrorist group called 'Al-Qaeda' exists. Evidence relentlessly highlighted by
this website proves that all the so-called 'Al-Qaeda ringleaders' who are arrested either turn out to be already arrested, already dead, still on the loose, or were working for the US government from the start.

The only terrorist groups out there who are not controlled by the US government are loosely affiliated zealots and their copy-cats.

The bombing in Istanbul was confirmed to have been the work of Al-Qaeda after somebody sent an E mail to a Turkish news agency taking responsibility for the bombing on behalf of Al-Qaeda. I could have sent that E mail, anybody could have sent it. It's amazing how Al-Qaeda suddenly started claiming responsibility for things only after September 11. Remember, bin Laden himself, in-between meeting CIA agents and having more kidney dialysis, refused to 'take the credit' for 9/11 in an interview with a Pakistani newspaper shortly after the event.

The mainstream media are content to accept fat lookalike videos, faked audio tapes and anonymous E mails as proof of responsibility for these crimes. I prefer to actually look at hard evidence and motive.

Turkey's refusal to allow US troops into the country before the Iraq war delayed the bombing by weeks. They are also partly responsible for the tribal skirmishes for control which are killing US troops on a daily basis.

Turkey had a huge presence at the May 2003 Bilderberg meeting in an attempt to grovel out of their Iraq obstinance but still received a slap on the wrist from the global elite. They were warned to co-operate with the agenda or face the consequences.

After the war (officially) ended Turkey continued to complain and demanded that the Mosul-Haifa oil pipeline to Israel be scrapped in favor of transporting the oil to the Turkish port of Ceyhan. The Turks even went so far as to
suggest that the Mosul-Haifa pipeline could threaten peaceful relations between Turkey and Israel.

Was the Istanbul bombing an Israeli warning not to interfere with its oil agenda? Was the bombing carried out by the Mossad 'Al-Qaeda' groups that Israel has been caught manufacturing in the past?

Who benefits? The motive and consequences of the Istanbul bombings strongly suggest that it was another staged terrorist attack on the part of Israeli/US government spooks in order to bury media coverage of the Bush protests and cowtow Turkey into getting back into line behind the Middle East gameplan.

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Paul Joseph Watson is a writer and researcher based in Sheffield, England. He is the webmaster at both Propaganda and Alex Jones' His new book is 'Order Out Of Chaos' which can be ordered at or by calling 888-253-3139. Contact him at