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9/11 DVD Censored! Image of Strange Flash as Flight 11 Hit North Tower Missing From Footage

Steve Hunter

I have discovered hard evidence of a top-level cover-up of the September 11 attacks containedon the DVD release of the Naudet brothers firemen documentary that  captured the first plane hitting the North tower. I video taped this documentary from the TV early last year and bought the DVD later in the year.

In the televised version of the plane hitting the North tower there is a frame containing a huge bright flash of light that has been digitally removed from the DVD
version.  I have attached two images of the three critical frames of the jet colliding with the North Tower.

The first is the TV video version, the second is the DVD version. Please excuse the quality of the images, as I don't have the best hardware to capture the images. I had to photograph the video version off my TV screen with a digital camera. Both versions contain the exact same frames.

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Click on images for larger enhancements.
As you can see, frame 2 of the TV version contains the bright flash while the DVD version does not.

If you have any copies of this impact on video you can check for yourself. You can't deny that this flash of light has been removed in the DVD. This bright flash is also
present in the doco "How the Towers Fell 2" but has been removed in the Rudolph Giuliani 9-11 doco (surprise, surprise).

Why would this have been done if the government has nothing to hide about the attacks?

There's obviously something the government  doesn't want us to see.
What do you think?

Clip of the starnge flash is available here in Quick Time format.

Comments from a reader

The firsthit has been a particular source of interest and study to me.

(I made the very poor early closeup linked from this page to

I would be very interested to see the footage offered as the "Television version."
It is obviously from the same liniage as the Taner version of the video, which is broken into frames at

But the Taner version is missing that frame that flashes.

The darker coloration and the blue-green sky (along with a clearer view of the first hit object) are the hallmarks of this video version.

Most footage, including the DVD version, comes from an encoding with faded colors and double exposure in the early frames of the object in the air. Usually, footage from this lineage does show the flash.

Both versions have been decimated -- this means frames, probably 2 out of three or three out of four -- were removed from the footage before it was ever broadcast, making the false impression of the building "hula-ing" in closeup.

In the Taner version, one frame is out of sequence, early on, where it gives the impression of the object pausing in midair. The more common faded out version does not have this peculiarity, but often shows the flash. I believe that the flash effect is from decimating frames on both sides of that image.

I have never seen a Taner derived version that shows the flash before.

I am reworking my information on the firsthit footage, since I realized the footage is decimated (tho I argued a long time that the footage was seen so shortly after the event that it must be intact)and that different versions showing different frames exist.

There is much firsthit footage in my video directory,

I have made a specialty of making enlarged slow motion detail. The flash shown at also originated with me, tho this version is quite degraded.

I've had more experience with decimated footage now, and recognize the jerky motion and faster-than-a-fireball speed as false impressions. is a study of a decimated footage.

My site is

I would be happy to provide footage, details, and whatever service I can provide to help expose this.

The fact that the video was butchered before it was ever seen shows deep complicity somewhere in the media, my personal suspect being Gamma Press, which made zillions of dollars having people in the right places at the right time.

I have a lot of information I would like to share.