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Wolfowitz on Reinstating Draft: "We need this and we are going to get it"

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(October 28, 2003) The White House advisors have been making discreet inquiries on the Hill about the Bush plan to reinstitute a universal draft in America…this in spite of the potentially deadly reactions that could blast the President out of the White House. Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld are pushing this in spite of repeated warnings, even from inside the Pentagon, that this would be political suicide. “We need this and we are going to get it” Wolfowitz said to one of our senior editors on Monday.

(October 29) …although statistics show an increase in spending, it appears that this is only a rush of pre-Christmas buying stimulated by retailers dropping prices. The White House is claiming that the economy is “roaring back” but it is not. Hedge bets on this one, however. We do not want to be seen putting a damper on a recovery but we do not want to be seen as a toady for White House cheerleaders either….

(November 1) One of our people in Baghdad was roughed up and had his camera and film confiscated by MPs yesterday because he dared to film two dead GIs. That is the new policy direct from the President…No, repeat, no, pictures of dead Iraqi civilians and most surely, no dead or wounded GIs. Two foreign reporters have been shot very dead for disobeying these orders. We are deciding about pulling our people out and letting the Pentagon supply its faked pictures in the future…

(November 1) Our private polls indicate that if the elections were held today, ‘Vietnam George’ would have his sorry ass kicked by Dr. Dean. Kerry has the Vietnam killings dragging him down, no one is going to support Lieberman because he can’t do business on Saturdays and the rest of the Demo pack are sorry losers…
(November 2) In spite of the resistance of the White House, we are going ahead with our plans to do human interest bits on the families of dead GIs. We have no choice on this because of pubic pressure. Look for cries of ‘filtering’ from the President. My God, statements like that about the press from him are rank hypocrisy. The current Administration will never tell the truth if a lie will suffice…

(November 5) A recent confidential report from the NSC sounds like something out of Alice in Wonderland! These rabid warmongers are obviously nutty as hell and the rest of us will have to suffer from it. November cannot come soon enough…

(November 6) Everyone is keeping their mouths officially shut over the Jessica Lynch/John Wayne film. Here were have a dumb hillbilly truck driver from East Jesus, Tennessee being put forward as a cross between Joan of Arc and John Wayne “shooting her way through battalions of terrified Iraqi Elite Guards” when in fact the poor bitch was smashed up in a truck crash and can’t remember a damned thing...surprising Bush doesn’t give her the Congressional Medal of Honor. Wasn’t he put up for one for his heroic sorties in the air over Vietnam? (By God, he shot down 60 MiGs in one afternoon while reading the Bible with one hand) Or was that for hiding in a roadhouse in Louisiana when he was supposed to be in Texas learning to be a flyboy like his dad? Did I say Alice in Wonderland yesterday? Something by L. Ron Hubbard would be more to the point…

(November 8) Now that they put the feeding tube back in the human turnip [sic], let’s not have any more sob stories about unplugging the brain dead.

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