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Videotapes show secret CIA & Venezuelan terrorists conspiring another coup d'etat

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Video-taped images filmed by Venezuelan intelligence agents are to be screened in Los Angeles (Calif., USA) later this month under the title: "Agenda Oculta" (Hidden Agenda) showing one of the most recent hidden conspiracy meetings between the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Venezuelan opposition terrorists in the act of planning another bloody coup d'etat against the democratically-elected government of Venezuela.

The Spanish-language presentation will be at the Echo Park Film Center at 1200 North Alvarado Echo Park, Los Angeles at 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Thursday, February, 26, with English subtitles.

One of the most astonishing moments in the video is when someone says "we cannot walk around telling everyone we're with the CIA... The video maps a series of references made to the US Embassy in Caracas and US Ambassador to Venezuela Charles S. Shapiro.  It verified the attendance of a US Embassy staffer and a former US Army Colonel (identified only as a Col. Corry) speaking of operative modes, discretion, etc.

The video was sent to the US Congress by the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN) deputies Nicolas Maduro and Juan Barreto to prove what they alleged to be "a flagrant interference by the CIA in the Venezuelan domestic affairs," as well as to demand that "the most outrageous and vicious activities against Venezuelan sovereignty should immediately cease."

The video will be re-screened in Los Angeles in March as part of a series of recent videos from Venezuela ... that venue and others will be announced shortly.
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